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troy flora   in reply to Helpfulhannah1
Thank you helpful hannah1 I too am a newly revised author, i use kindle direct publishing because it cost nothing. I have found great success. like you i have had trouble with the photos because i don't want to get into copyright trouble. I know that stock photos and some public photo sights can work in some cases anther best selling author told me that he used freelancers, and he even got some photos from flicker. try that.

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UPDATE: Before when I was on as janasdreams and jana4 I talked about publishing. I had to change my name because it was affecting my website. I want to update those who were interested in publishing. Since I spoke last about how to self publish I have had two book signings that went very well. I have had a great response to my poetry book and now have two more book signings schedule in Montana at the end of June. It takes a lot of time promoting but since I don't have the finances to hire a marketing consultant I do all of my own contacts and go where I want to go. I learned about picture copyrights. You cannot use any photos of yourself unless you took them. You have to have written permission of the photographer and anyone else in the photo. I had to do some research on this as I want to use a studio photograph of myself in my next book. I knew the studio was no longer open but I was able to get a family member to sign the release (spouse of the photographer). My sister is signing releases for any photos that my father took. So now I am covered on everything that I want to publish in the next book. IF you want to discuss publishing feel free to send me a message. I am currently working on my second book Growing Up In The Rockies. I hope it will be out in September.

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