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UPDATE: Before when I was on as janasdreams and jana4 I talked about publishing. I had to change my name because it was affecting my website. I want to update those who were interested in publishing. Since I spoke last about how to self publish I have had two book signings that went very well. I have had a great response to my poetry book and now have two more book signings schedule in Montana at the end of June. It takes a lot of time promoting but since I don't have the finances to hire a marketing consultant I do all of my own contacts and go where I want to go. I learned about picture copyrights. You cannot use any photos of yourself unless you took them. You have to have written permission of the photographer and anyone else in the photo. I had to do some research on this as I want to use a studio photograph of myself in my next book. I knew the studio was no longer open but I was able to get a family member to sign the release (spouse of the photographer). My sister is signing releases for any photos that my father took. So now I am covered on everything that I want to publish in the next book. IF you want to discuss publishing feel free to send me a message. I am currently working on my second book Growing Up In The Rockies. I hope it will be out in September.

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